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AKHBAR ELYOM ACADEMY is a higher Education Institute Member of the Association of Educational Services Owned by AKHBAR ELYOM Institution Under the Supervision of Ministry of Higher Education            The Acdemy includes Engineering, Media, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Adminstration Depatment   The Academy located in 6 october City   To contact us mail


Criteria of Admission

The minister of higher, after taking the opinion of the board of administration of the Academy, determines the number of Egyptian or other nationality students who can be accepted in the Academy throughout those who acquired Egyptian Thanawya Amma or equivalent in the light of the needs of the Academy in the upcoming academic year or the admission system.
Admission in the Academy is done through the Coordination Bureau of Admission to universities and High Institutes unless the Minister of Higher Education issues anything else.

Needed Documents

  • Birth Certificate
  • Thanawya Amma Certificate (Original)
  • 6 Profile pictures
  • Recommendation ID

Statement Of the Tuition Fees for the Academic Year 2012/2013

Admission System in the Academy

At the end of each academic year and after taking the opinion of the Administrative board of the Academy, the Minister of High Education determines the number of students from Egypt or outside who attained the Egyptian High School certificate (Thanawya Amma) or any other equivalent Arab or foriegn certificates and hence could be enrolled in the Academy according to the needs of the Academy and the admission system.

A- Admission conditions in the different departments in the Academy

1)  The departments of Engineering, Computer Science and Information System: attaining the Egyptian High School Certificate (Thanawya Amma), scientific section (Mathematics branch) or any equivalent Arab or Foreign certificate.
  The departments of Journalism, Business Administration, and the Administrative Information System: attaining the Egyptian High School Certificate (Thanawya Amma) either the scientific or the literary sections or any equivalent Arab or Foreign certificate.
  Administrative Science department: attaining the Egyptian High School Certificate (Thanawya Amma) either the scientific or the literary sections or any equivalent Arab or Foreign certificate under the condition that the student should score at least 75% in the English language.

B- General conditions

1- The student should pass the exams determined by the Administrative board of the Academy.
 The student should be medically approved to be capable of following up his study.
 The student should be totally devoted to his study.
 The student should be well-behaved.
 Each student is given an ID card with his/her photo signed and stamped by the Head of the Academy. 
 Students are not allowed to attend their lectures or exams without carrying their ID card.
 Each student should prove his/her attendance in the way determined by the academy.
 Students are not allowed to enroll their names in more than one institution at the same time.

Conversion, transference, deregistration and re-registration

Students' registrations are transferred from the other high institutions and faculties in accordance with the following conditions:

First: students should not be transferred from the institutions or faculties corresponding to Akhbar al-Yom Academy or those enrolled in the primary and the first year unless the student's score accord with the minimum score of admission.

Second: As per the acceptance of the Deans of the academy and the institution or the faculty, it could be considered to transfer the students enrolled in other academic years than the primary and the first years from the High Institutions and faculties and in this case the students could be enrolled in the corresponding academic year after passing some exams in certain subjects.

- For all the previous conditions, it is essential that the student required to be transferred should have neither consumed all the failure opportunities nor have been deregistered due to moral reasons.       

Third: Students who were dismissed from military faculties for any reasons other than moral ones could be accepted to be enrolled in Akhbar El-Yom Academy in the first year. However, their scores should accord with the minimum score required on the year he/she attained their certificates.

Fourth, The student's transference could only be accepted if the student presents a transference form.

Fifth, the students who trespassed the times of failures in the faculties, high institutes, military faculties and the police academy can be accepted on condition that the student should be enrolled in the faculty or the high institute in the year preceding the year he/she joins the academy.

- It is necessary that the student should have attained the Egyptian High School Certificate (Thanawya Amma) or any equivalent Arabic or foreign certificate and should fulfill the minimum score an the qualifying subjects either for the year he/she attained the certificate or on the year he/she joins the academy based on the best serves the student. Those students are enrolled as new comers in the first year and their papers are presented to the Academy to attain the approval of the administrative board and send them to the consigned administration in the Ministry to be approved by the Head of the central administration.

Sixth: the students could be registered or re-registered in the following cases:

1-      The fresh student who did not complete his registration procedures for acceptable justified reasons.
      The student who withdrew his/her documents from the academy while he/she was enrolled in it and provided a justified excuse.
      The student who did not apply to the coordination office in the year he/she attained their high school certificate for an acceptable reason.

- And in all cases, a failure opportunity is consumed for the year which passes without the student enroll himself/herself in the academy. For re-registration, a decision by the consigned Head of the central administration or the administrative board of the academy should be issued.

Seventh: deregistration:

The Administrative board of the academy can accept the deregistration of a student for one academic year and should not exceed two academic years if he/she provided an acceptable excuse that prevents him/her from regulating in the study. The consigned Head of the Central Administration in the Ministry of high Education has the right to prolong the period maximum for twice the period of study in the Academy in the emergency cases.

Admission rules for foreign students:
Students of all nationalities who have got the Thanawiyya Amma certificate as well as students  from any country  born to an Egyptian mother and holders of Thanawiyya Amma  can apply through the Arab Affairs Bureau; 15 al–khalifa al–mammon st. Manshyat al–Bakry, at the appropriate  stage ( time) of application .
Students with Thanawiyya Amma certificate belonging to foreign parents should apply through the Public Administration for Foreigners; 3 Darih Saad Zaghlol st. Monira, 
. The Application form must be endorsed by a letter signed by the cultural attaché or consultant of the applicant's embassy in Egypt.

Disciplining Students

- The students enrolled in the academy and who are allowed to lead the test from outside are subjects to the disciplinary system as explained later.
- The students' disciplinary council is formed and headed by the Head of the Academy or his representative and includes three of the members of the Academy's Administrative council on condition that one of the three should be a staff member.
- The following points are considered a disciplinary violation:
1- Any violations in the Academy's system, its buildings, or hindering its study process. Besides, the intended absence from attending the lectures and classes.
 Any action that is violating honor and discipline inside or outside the academy.
 Any violations in the system of the exams or cheating during the exams.
4- Damaging the facilities, the buildings or the books.
 Each organization inside the Academy or participating in it without previous license from the Academy's Administrative council.
 Spreading leaflets or issuing wall journals in the Academy and collecting signatures without attaining a previous permission from the Academy director.
 Participating in demonstrations that are against general order or discipline.

Each student who is caught cheating in the exams or attempting to cheat through any of the known means is dismissed out of the exam and is deprived from entering the exams of the rest of the subjects. The student is considered failed in all the subjects of this exam and is transferred to the punishment council.

 The Disciplinary Punishment forms:
1-      Oral or written warning
2-      Warning
      Detention from attending lectures of one of the courses for maximum one month
      Deregistering from the academy for no more than a month
5-      Canceling the student’s exam in one course or more
      Deregistering from the academy for one academic year or more
      Detention from the exams in all courses for one academic year or more
      Final deregistration from the academy and the decision is reported to all other institutes.

- The academy administration can announce the decision issued regarding the disciplinary punishment inside the academy. Besides, the decision should be reported to the parents of the student.
- The disciplinary punishment issued – except the oral ones – is recorded in the student’s file and the Minister of High Education could reconsider the issued decision of the final deregistration after at least three years starting from the date of issuing the decision.

The institutions specialized in implementing the punishments forms:  
1- The Teaching staff: they have the right to implement the first and second punishment forms elaborated in the previous article due to the deeds of the students during the classes, lectures, scientific exercises and the different activities of the academy.
2- President of the Academy or his consigned vice-President: he has the right to implement the first four punishment forms stated in the previous article.
3- The Disciplinary Council: it has the right to implement all punishment forms in case of any incidents of disorder or chaos leading to disturbance of the study or exams process or in the state of threatening to do it. Hence, the President of the Academy has all the rights of the disciplinary council on condition that the consigned Head f Central Administration should approve it and the decision should be presented within two weeks to the disciplinary council if the punishment was final deregistration from the academy. 

- No punishment from the fourth article and after should be implemented unless the student is investigated with first. If he did not attend on time to the investigation, he has no more rights to defend himself/herself.   
- The decisions coming from the specialized institutions according to the punishment articles are final. However, objections could be submitted to the disciplinary council against the decision which was issued in the absence of the student and that should be within a week from acknowledging the student or his/her parents.
- Objections could be raised against the decision of punishment in the form of a request paper presented to the director of the academy within 15 days starting from the date of the decision. The council of the academy administration has the right to cancel or diminish the punishment.

- The student transferred to the disciplinary council has the right to accompany a lawyer with him to attend the meetings of the council.


Military Service

Any 18 year old student cannot be admitted unless he has a national and military service ID (No. 6).
Students who are from 20 to 30 years old are not allowed to study in any of the departments of the Academy unless they   present one of the certificates according to the Law No. 127 for the year 1980.These certificates include:
– Exemption from military service certificate

– Certificate of postponement of military service
– Certificate of finishing the obligatory military service

Official Forms
The students, upon application for enrolment in the Academy, should present official forms:
A form which requires the postponement of military service for a specific period:

It is forbidden to enroll any student if he exceeds the age of 22 years on the 1st of September unless he presents one of the mentioned certificates.
Bachelor students in their final academic year who reach 28 years old during the academic year of study which is supposed to begin in June can postpone their military service till the end of this year and they have to present (form No .2) to the Students Affairs Department. 

If any student exceeds 28 years old before the 1
st of June of this year his enrollment will be cancelled and he will not be admitted till his status regarding military service is specified. 
Students who get a temporary military service exemption certificate for a specific period of  time  and this period expired must specify their military status after the end of this period or they can postpone military service if the student  is below  28 year ( he should present form  no. 2 )