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AKHBAR ELYOM ACADEMY is a higher Education Institute Member of the Association of Educational Services Owned by AKHBAR ELYOM Institution Under the Supervision of Ministry of Higher Education            The Acdemy includes Engineering, Media, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Adminstration Depatment   The Academy located in 6 october City   To contact us mail

What Experts Say about Academy

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

(Chairman of the Shura Council): Akhbar El-Yom Academy is a great institution that combines science and knowledge.
The Academy is a great step that a great foundation has taken.

Prof. Dr. Reda Ammar

(Egyptian Lecturer in Connecticut University): The Academy introduces the highest level of academic education in Egypt.

Dr. Ashraf Zaki

(Actors Delegate): Akhbar El-Yom Academy is a great institution that holds up together the media pioneers of the future and promising generatins undoubtedly.


Mohamed Abdelnour

– Chief Editor of Sabah El-Kheir Magazine - : Happy to be introduced to the promising generation of the students of the Academy who are capable of elevating the reputation of Journalism.



Dr. Rashid Al-Hamad Ambassador of KSA in Egypt said:

"It is a distinguished educational institution that copes up with the latest discoveries in the field of printing and media. It includes the most modern commercial and media printers on the level of the Middle East."

The journalist Dr. Salah Qabadaya said

"I have been teaching at various places for 50 years but it is the first time for me to feel that a strong friendship gathers me with the students at Akhbar El-Yom Academy."

The businessman and the owner of Mehwar channel Dr. Hassan Rateb said:

"The Academy is a part of a deep-rooted journalistic institution and contributes in enhancing the intellectual and cultural background of the students."