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AKHBAR ELYOM ACADEMY is a higher Education Institute Member of the Association of Educational Services Owned by AKHBAR ELYOM Institution Under the Supervision of Ministry of Higher Education            The Acdemy includes Engineering, Media, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Adminstration Depatment   The Academy located in 6 october City   To contact us mail

Akhbar El-Yom Academy signed up an agreement for promoting the projects and innovations of the students .



 A Trip to El-Ain El-Sukhna

Akhbar El-Yom Academy organizes on the 11/10/2012 entertainment trip for Akhbar El-Yom Academy Students to El-Ain El-Sukhna for subscription value 110 each student the trip including entertainment program for the students started from entering the tourist village, launch in the village and using the swimming pool and coast and using D.J.

A Blood Donation Campaign in Corporation with the main Centre for Blood Transfusion

Akhbar El-Yom Academy  hosts on the thirteenth and fourteenth of October campaigns to donate blood in which many students of the academy participate in collaboration with the main center for blood transfusion (serum and vaccine) where the center exchanges  the blood to treat children  suffer from hemophilia and thalassemia diseases at state expense.

Akhbar El-Yom Academy Comes Second in the Acting Contestant among all universities of Egypt.

The acting team of the Academy achieved the second place among all universities of Egypt with its performance of ‘The Hunchback of Rotterdam”. It is worth mentioning that Ayten Omar Mohamed who was the main actress in the play achieved the first place prize in the individual acting performance. 

Organizing Koran Competition for the Academy Students

The cultural  activity  in Youth Welfare in Akhbar  El-Yom Academy declares organizing competition  for memorizing Koran  for Akhbar  El-Yom Academy Students in both sections (Amma , Tabarak) taking on consideration the  rules  of intonation  in reading  and explaining and interpreting (Sura El Alak  , Sura El-Qiamah) 

Opening  the registration for the students to  participate in students activities

Youth  Welfare  in akhbar  El-Yom Academy announces for opening registration  for Akhbar El-Yom Academy  Students to participate  in the  different students activities including sports activity , cultural activity and artistic activity, so the students wishing to  join these activities go to youth welfare  to register their names and raising  different ideas or join our  group page on facebook.

Prof. Dr.Ahmed Zaki Badr: Exam results before Ramadan and Graduation Projects Discussion t begins Saturday June 30

 Dr.. Ahmed Zaki Badr, President of the Academy assures that marking exams in all departments are now, also preparing exam results directly in order to  announce the results successively before the Holy month of Ramadan.

He added that graduation projects the final years in all specializations will begin with  Journalism projects on Saturday, June 30, then Engineering on Saturday, July 7, and finally Computer Science and the Business Administration on Sunday July 8.

Training Students of the Journalism Department in the Electronic Portal of Akhbar El-Yom

The Journalism Department in Akhbar El-Yom Academy nominated 12 students from second to fourth year for training at portal for Akhbar El-Yom Institution under supervision of the journalist and the supervisor of the portal Mr. Alaa Abdelhady, Mr. Mohamed Galal, Editor. All of Mr. Chairman of Board of Directors and Professor Ahmed Zaki Badr the supervisor of the Academy on this nomination.

Outstanding Sport performance for Akhbar Elyom Academy Students

Akhbar El-Yom Academy (AYA) students participated in the private universities athletics’ championship, which was sponsored by ‘Misr University for Science & Technology’ (MUST).  Many other private universities took part  in the event among which were: Modern Science & Arts University (MSA), Al-Ahram Canadian University, El-Nahda University in Beni-Suief and 6-October University.AYA achieved the second place in Football, third place in Handball and third only in Volleyball.