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AKHBAR ELYOM ACADEMY is a higher Education Institute Member of the Association of Educational Services Owned by AKHBAR ELYOM Institution Under the Supervision of Ministry of Higher Education            The Acdemy includes Engineering, Media, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Adminstration Depatment   The Academy located in 6 october City   To contact us mail

Student Facility

Firstly, the Medical Services:

-  The academy medical clinic provides qualified doctors with the necessary medical services where its pharmacy constitutes the necessary first aid supplies as well as the other necessary tools.
-  The academy as well provides the students with the public health insurance service in one of the huge hospitals however the approval of the Ministry of High Education for the public health insurance service should be attained.
- The academy has internal regulations approved by the Minister of High Education regarding the medical treatment system.

Thirdly, the sports activities:
- The Academy now contains large areas of green lands planned for the establishment of many playgrounds such as a football and basketball stadiums and another handball and volleyball Stadiums
-  Besides, a Gem Hall is being established and prepared containing all the necessary tools and equipments to preserve the physical fitness of the students as well as the teaching staff.



Fourthly, the social activity and trips:
1- The academy's team has won the first position in the Republic social topics competition 2005/2006.
2- The academy's team (males) has won the sixth position in chess 2006/2007.
3- The academy's team (females) has won the fifth position in chess 2006/2007.
4- The academy's team (males) has won the first position in Taikundo 2008/2009.
5- Trips are organized for the academy's students to many different tourist villages.
6-  Subscribed in more than one camp organized by the Public Administration for students care in the Ministry of High Education.

Fifthly, the Cultural Activity:
- The academy has won the second position in colloquial Poetry in the Republic cultural competition.
-  The academy has won with the following positions in the Major Republic scientific cultural coew3a Campoinmpetition:






First and third



Scientific fiction


- The academy has won the first position in the Holy Qur'an competition 2005/2006 and 2006/2007.
-  The academy has won the third position in the Republic cultural competitions 2005/2006.
-  The theatre activity: the academy's team participated in four plays in the Salam theatre and the National theatre.

Sixth, social care:
The academy makes a discount on the annual fees in the following cases:
-  The children of the staff in Akhbar Al-Yom: 20% discount and exempting them from paying the insurance. 
-  The children of those enrolled in the Journalism Union: 10% discount but the student must be enrolled in the Journalism department.
- The second child: 10% discount.
- The son of a deceased father: 20% discount on condition that the death occur after the student joined the academy.
- The administrative board annually discusses the rules of discounts and the special cases.
- The Minister of Education issues a decision about the internal policy of social cooperation funds.

 Seventh, Excellence Rewards:
The academy encourages its students through rewarding the pioneers a discount percentage that reaches up to 35% according to the priority of ranking. 5% of the students who succeed each year benefit from this discount. The Administrative Board annually sets the rules and conditions regulating such rewards.

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