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AKHBAR ELYOM ACADEMY is a higher Education Institute Member of the Association of Educational Services Owned by AKHBAR ELYOM Institution Under the Supervision of Ministry of Higher Education            The Acdemy includes Engineering, Media, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Adminstration Depatment   The Academy located in 6 october City   To contact us mail


The Students' Union

The students' union in the academy is formed of the students enrolled in it who paid the fees of the union. Besides, the students who pay the fees of the union have the right to practice all the different activities related to the union but do not have the right to elect or nominate.

The students' union aims at achieving the following:
1- Developing the spiritual and the moral values and the national consciousness for the students in addition to preparing them for leadership and giving them the opportunity to express their opinions.
2- Elevating the brotherhood spirit among the students and tightening the bonds between them and their teaching staff.
3- Exploring the students' talents and skills and encourage them.
4-Spreading and encouraging the formation of student families and supporting their activities.
5-Spreading and organizing the different sport, social, artistic, and cultural activities and elevating their levels.
6-Organizing and investing the benefits from the students' energy to serve the society and the nation.

The academy's students' union council works on fulfilling the targets of the union through the following committees:
The families committee
-The cultural activities committee
-The sportive activities committee
-The artistic activities committee
-The general services and 'jawwalah' committee
-The social activities and trips committee

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The Annual Employment Fair

Akhbar El Yom Academy organizes an annual employment meeting which allows responsible officials in the field of industry and technology to meet with the faculty staff of the Academy in order to develop the Academy's curricula so as to cope with the labor market and offer our graduates the opportunity to know the institutions which can provide them with the most suitable work. Also, the meeting gives the companies and institutions the opportunity to know the facilities of our Academy in the field of teaching and training.

During the last years, the meeting managed to achieve its aims and to provide good jobs for many of the Academy graduates in some of the companies and organizations which attended the meeting.