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Headed by Fatma Braka Chief Editor of Akhbar El-Yom Newspaper.

AKHBAR ELYOM ACADEMY is a higher Education Institute Member of the Association of Educational Services Owned by AKHBAR ELYOM Institution Under the Supervision of Ministry of Higher Education            The Acdemy includes Engineering, Media, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Adminstration Depatment   The Academy located in 6 october City   To contact us mail

-          Philosophy of the Electric Engineering department and its targets:  (Staff of Department)

The department aims at graduating specialists in the computer science, information technology, practical and applied skills of computer which copes with the requirements of the job market. The department is characterized for training graduates on the latest programs and tools related to building systems. It also seeks to coordinate with companies to train students practically to pave them the way to work efficiently in the market.

-          The Labs and their facilities:lab

The Department has 4 labs for computer which include 64 computers through which the practical trainings related to the various academic curricula are held.

-          The scientific activity:

The Department held a scientific discussion for the graduation projects and was attended by Prof. Ali Fahmy the Dean of the Department of Computer Science Cairo University and the teaching staff members.

-          Graduation Projects:

The students work on their graduation projects in their final academic year and are establishing web sites on the internet. The fourth year students are on the verge of presenting eight graduation projects which are: Akhbar El-Yom Site, Banking System, E-Commerce Site, Face Recognition, Image Steganography, E-Learning project, Online Bookshop, University Registration System.

-          Summer Training:

The first and second year students are trained for two weeks during the summer vacation. It includes teaching the skills of writing programs through using modern languages along with training the students how to construct sites and systems. As for the first year students, they are taught the language of HTML and designing web pages. As for the second year students, they are trained to use Visual.C.net.

-          The relation between the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology with the society:

The Department aims at graduating specialists in information that copes with the requirements of developing the society in its various fields along with offering consultations, scientific and technical help for the bodies and institutions which use computers. It also aims at deepening the consciousness about using computers in the different state bodies and institutions and elevating the efficiency of using them through setting specialized training and technical courses.